Let’s Get the Band Back Together

Avatar Dave Viral | March 14, 2014 24 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

Reaching out trying to get the band back together here. If you had a show and haven’t re-scheduled it with Damian or Nate, please do so and we’ll get you on the new schedule and streaming again. If you are a new artist looking to stream on one of the time slots, please feel free to do the same. We need to know in a list who we are keeping on the schedule and how much room we have for new artists. We are close to launching an uber-booming experience, way better than the last. So, as we’re waiting on  a few bugs to be fixed, we’ll still be streaming as a live test with the new equipment, so please get in touch. We don’t think you mind the small glitches as much as you and the listeners love the music.

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