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Resident DJ at The Vixen Nightclub, one of Orlando’s premier dance spots, DJ Tooltime holds residency alongside such notable names as Ill DJ Chris B, Justin Faze, Seth Vogt, Jimmy Joslin, and more top names of the breaks industry.

For The Love Of The Beat sat down with DJ Tooltime in order to put together the following interview for Not only was DJ Tooltime gracious enough to provide an interview, but he has also provided The Lost Art with an incredible promo mix. Make sure you download the mix at the end of the interview and also stop by his soundcloud or Facebook to show some love back and get access to the LOADS of the great re-rubs he has up!


FTLB: Can you give us a brief time line of the breakbeat career of DJ Tooltime?(i.e. where are you from,how long have you been dj’ing,etc)

DJ Tooltime: Sure, My Name is Thomas and I am from Winter Garden, FL. That’s about 15min west of Dj TooltimeOrlando, FL. I’ve been Dj’ing for over 12 years now and I started close to the year 2000. 

FTLB: Who/what first got you into the breakbeat genre and inspired you to become a DJ/producer and who are some of your favorite/most influential producers (past or present)

DJ Tooltime: When I was at this house party and these two dj’s were spinning this music I never heard before. I liked the sound and the way you could mix songs together and make something special out of it. What inspired me too become a dj was Icey, Baby Ann, Jimmy Joslin, Sandy, Magic Mike, Bt, Deadmau5, Rabbit in the Moon, Monk, Beatbreaker, Deville, Mondo, Tiesto, Junkie Xl, Tony Faline, Huda Hudia, Infiniti, Dave London, Brad Smith, Evolv3, and a few more to list but those are my favorite and I put all those musicians into what im looking for.

FTLB: Is there any history behind your DJ/Artist name and how you came to choose it?

Dj TooltimeDJ Tooltime: Yes, that’s funny you ask. I was in the studio when I was first starting out and at first I wanted too go by DJ T-Lover (yeah thank god i didn’t), so I was in my boy’s studio (PJ) who was next door to me and he was just flowing with this song and he goes “Thomas what’s your dj name”? and I go I don’t know make up something, he goes “I got my boy Tooltime on the 1 and 2’s” and Bam that name just sat in from there.

FTLB: What equipment setup do you use for DJ’ing/What equipment setup do you use for production?

DJ Tooltime: I use a few gadget’s and midi’s but I can say I run mostly everything from doing a mash up or a track through my Ableton Live 9 on my IMac or MackBook Pro

FTLB: For your unofficial remixes/re-rubs, how do you pick a track to remix and can you describe a little bit of what your creative process is like?

DJ Tooltime: When I plan a remix or re-rub, first I see if someone already did it lol cause sometime’s either Tweezy, Rel-1, or Frenzy most of the time beat me too it lol. Then I usually listen to the original track about 25-30 times and gather ideas. Then I browse different sites to see what others may have made that was better than what I originally planned or put out. Then I just flow with my idea with the song. 

FTLB: Do you play your remixes/re-rubs out in the clubs and if so, is there one that most sticks out in your 

Dj Tooltime

mind as having the most memorable crowd reaction to it?

DJ Tooltime: 
The one I just came out with, the Marilyn 
Mansion vs Avicii remix I just posted on soundcloud, has been out since Halloween and it’s one that just makes the place goes crazy every time I play it. Another one is my Antidote remix. I remember playing and opening up for Icey in sarasota and I played that and had so many people asking where they could get that remix. And of course my Titanium. I’ve been getting a lot of responses from other dj’s on tracks they play out that people love especially myEllie Goulding and Calvin Harris Remix of late

FTLB: What would be your dream track to legally remix and see released with the support of the original artist?

DJ Tooltime:  Ohhh wow god, the ones that stick out are Out of Body Experience by Rabbit in the Moon , Bt Dreaming, or Icey’s The One

FTLB: Have you created or do you plan to begin working on any original productions/tracks?

DJ Tooltime: I am in the process of putting some new tracks out on Crescent Records soon and also working with Brad Smith aka Mr Smith on some tracks and remixes and some in the future with Lo IQ?, Seth Vogt, and my boys from The Bad Boyz Of Breaks. (editors note; aka Jimmy Joslin & Kevin ‘dj kj ‘ Shiver)

Dj TooltimeFTLB: You’ve played at some of the top spots in Orlando including holding residencies at the legendary Firestone and also Vixen Nightclub, is there a venue that is/was your favorite to play at or one that had the most memorable (good,bad,comical)performance night out for you?

DJ Tooltime: I’ve had the good, the bad, and the ultimate funny playing. I’m truely blessed I can say for my career thus far. Firestone was an ultimate achievment by not only playing but by being a resident. I’ve opened for so many memorible dj’s and act’s such as Dynamix 2, Huda Hudia, Dave London, Sharaz, Fixx, Agent K, Eric Berretta, Funk Lab, Simply Jeff, Curtis B, Brad Smith, Deepsky, Emily Play and Devine, Rob-E and Security, so many Great names! But probably my opening night was the best. I’ve never been so nervous. My hands were shaking , I was throwing up from nerves in the bathroom, and then when I got in my zone man what a feeling you don’t forget. My favorite residency spot was Vixen cause the crew and owners’ were awesome, but the one moment I had there was when I was opening up for Rel-1, that was alot of fun. Then the biggest I would say was opening up right before the legend and one of my fav breaks producers, DJ Icey in Sarasota. Oh and the very first Sunset Music Festival in Tampa was a really cool moment for me also.

FTLB: Do you have a preference between vinyl and digital when it comes to DJ’ing?

DJ Tooltime: You know here real original dj’s talk about this. Not the kiddies who just started , the one’s who had to tote 50lbs of vinyl downtown to play at their gigs, and I must say I like digital a little bit more just because I can do some special things on it that I can’t do on turntable. But when I want to scratch i’d rather use a turntable. I’m usually not picky, really I can do both. As long as I can hook my Serato i’m good.

FTLB: Can you describe how you’ve seen thee breaks scene change over the years and where you think it’s going over the next couple years?

DJ Tooltime: Well I think Breaks is such great music and was once “The Big Thing” here in orlando, and Dj Tooltimestill is at times. I think a lot of greedy people and egos really got in the way and now I see alot of old school dj’s working with some of the new a little bit. I’m not big on some of these group where people think they’re the best. I think Breaks more than anything is missing that one “big hit”! Think about it, when was the last time a top 10 breaks song hit beatport? or Radio? just a thought. Myself, I am aiming towards that goal and believe I can get there without a doubt.

FTLB: What’s next for DJ Tooltime other than producing?

DJ Tooltime: Well right now i’m taking a break from the scene other than producing and remixing. I’m spending some much needed time with my 2 daughters and my beautiful and amazing wife. I announced back in late Feb that I retired due to the stress and having done this for over 12 years finally got to me as well dealing with alcohol. Right now i’m finally turning myself around and enjoying the family life more and more but will probably play again maybe next year. You never know what opportunity might swing your way. I still get offers to play here and there but will see what happens next year with that. And if not, hey its been one hell of a ride!

Dj Tooltime

Tooltime, AKA Thomas has an audience that is best described as broad, diversitized and loyal. As a DJ, Tooltime feels the audience and keeps them on the dance floor by playing with and for the crowd. Being in this industry for 10 years he is knowledgable in all types of the EDM and music genres, from his signature breaks to top 40 house and Dubstep he can do it all. 

Making his mark in the scene, Tooltime acquired a residency at Club Firestone in 2005 which is the longest running and most respected venue in Central Florida. He currently is holding a residency since early 2011 at the club Vixen in Orlando,FL in which his Reset Saturdays showcases a mix of DJ’s from up in comers to respected and established DJ’s as well. Not only does he know how to throw a hell of an event, he understands the business side of things to complete his package for any club.  

Following his dream, he has opened up for and played alongside some of the biggest and most respected DJ’s in the industry such as breaks artists like Tony Faline,Dj Icey,Dj Hero, Huda Hudia, Mike and Charlie, Baby Ann, Brad Smith,Malicious Mike, Funk Lab, Dynamix 2, Sharaz, Dave London And others such as Dj Mondo, Heavygrinder, Dawcta Dawe, Jimmy Joslin, Magic Mike, Curtis B, Dj Fixx, Sharaz, DJ Sandy, just to name a few. He is no stranger to playing big festivals like Sunset festival which he played 2006 & 2007 along with tons more festivals. 

Music is his life, determination and his drive. He is always working on producing projects and pushing outDj Tooltime remixes monthly. Whether it be production, promoting and playing DJ Tooltime is one of a kind, and always comes through with perfection.

Check out more from DJ Tooltime here:

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Dj Tooltime, For The Love Of The Beat

Dj Tooltime, For The Love Of The Beat






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Just a few re-rubs from Dj Tooltime (tons more on his Soundcloud!)

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 FTLB DJ Tooltime Exclusive Interview & Promo Mix

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