David “Scratch-D” Noller / Dynamix II

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David Noller and Dynamix


David Noller aka “Scratch-D” is legend and a pioneer of the first wave of electro music in the United States. He has been creating electronic dance music for well over a decade, been spinning records since age 13 and has been a part of the electronic music scene since the mid 80’s. He Hosted a Radio Show on Clear Channel 2001-2003 along with H-Bomb called the “Techno Beach Party” which was syndicated across the US and broadcast via the internet globally. His musical credits began with his first gold release “Just Give the DJ a Break” on Bass Station Records at age 18. He has toured the globe headlining festivals as Dynamix II for major sponsors such as Marlboro, Big Red, Ford Motor, Sky Vodka and has released many underground dance floor records that have gone on to be timeless classics.


Amongst the most noteworthy tracks, the hit single “The Red Pill” a collaboration with Infiniti on Freakin Music USA, Marine Parade UK. & The Crystal Methods “Community Service CD”. ((You take the Red Pill, You take the Blue Pill)) continues to be re-released and re-edited by Adam Freeland’s Label “Marine Parade” by the hand of The Bass Bin Twins.

Latest tracks by Scratch-D Vs.H-Bomb


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