Dance Party Revival Vol.2 Live on 030213

Avatar | March 2, 2013 84 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings is extremely proud to host this amazing event. Dance Party Revival Vol.2 LIVE on our events page. { }Please give a like and a share. We are looking forward to the future with this stellar company. More info @!/dancepartyrevival?fref=ts
Dance Part Revival

DJ Tony Skratchere

Deejay Tony 5kratchere289-ek5iw4-crop-1Deejay Tony 5kratchere started his life in Hip Hop at an early age. Growing up in a small rural Louisiana town, his only exposure to Hip Hop culture were the Breakin’ movies, Beat Street, and Boss 96 AM. As a child early hip hop anthems Rappers Delight, 8th Wonder, the Breaks, the Message, and Rock It left an indelible impression. After stealing a copy of Beat Street from the local video store, he taught himself some of the earliest B-boy moves and thus began his foray in to the world of Hip Hop. As a youth he began to hone his earliest talents for art by reading comic books and mimicking the techniques of his earliest artistic idols, Arthur Adams, John Bryne, Walt Simonson, and Todd McFarlane. As a teenager, hip hop fused with the skateboard culture and thus a new obsession began. One summer while working as a pizza delivery guy, he met an asian graffiti writer from California named Daniel Nyguen. Fascinated with graffiti from an early age, he convinced Daniel to teach him the craft. The next few years were spent inside his black book. After high school he moved to Lafayette and began to seek out other B-boys and graffiti writers. At this time he met Kevin C, a b-boy hooligan graffiti writer from Lafayette. Kevin C. explained the philosophies of hip hop, quoted KRS One, listened to dance hall reggae, and gave him his first mix tapes ripped from college radio stations in Houston. It was about this time he started making regular trips to Houston for B-boy events and got down with the HouTex Freaks and Havikoro. It wasn’t until he visited New Orleans for a party that he first developed an interest in deejaying. This party boasted some of the best deejays in the world and yet none of them would scratch or do tricks. . . Dejected and confused by what he saw as a paradox, he went vinyl record shopping for the first time the very next day. The moniker Tony Skratchere was born in 1998 as an homage to his cajun heritage. Tony Skratchere was an obvious pun on the creole seasoning Tony Chachere’s, and he set out on his sole mission: add some flavor to the bland deejay scene. Later that year, he hooked up with the Kubuki Crew. Kubuki’s Dj, Dokta J, was an old skateboarding buddy along with Take 2 of the Kubuki Crew, he rekindled his love for b-boying. Dj Dokta J lent him the Vestax Turntable Mechanics workshop, and his life was forever changed.

Behind the wheels since 1995
Co-Founder of the Mad Cajun Crew with Gumbeaux (Now Dj Chubby Knuckles)
Co-Founder of Bucknutty’s Hip Hop Jam (an event that lasted 8 years and hosted B-boys and Deejays from Arizona to Atlanta)
Co-Founder of the GetDown Project
Mentor of various Deejays in Louisiana (Antix, Mr. Fingers, Rob Battles, Stoned Cold, Beverly Skillz)
Shared the stage with the likes of Bushwick Bill, Luther Campbell (Luke), Mobb Deep, the Triple Threat Deejays (Shortcut, Vinroc, Apollo), Slick Rick, Raekwon, Ghostface Killer, Inspecta Deck, Planet Asia, Afu-Ra. . .NOLA for Life!,

DJ Killahouse

DJ Killahouse

Jhonny J. Blaze Bio –

jhonny, j.blazeJhonny J. Blaze is a 80s baby and a product of the preKatrina New Orleans Public School system.  Shaman, light warrior, actor, promoter, lover and friend.  I am a stand for technology being a grand facilitator for the self directed empowerment of the systematically disempowered.  My short life has been colored by defining moments 9/11, Great Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, Deepwater Horizon, et. al.  However for me upon stepping foot in the Amazonian Jungles of Ecuador in May 2011, my life stop being defined by the moments or said another way the circumstances.  While under the canopy of the jungle and in the valleys of grandfather and grandmother volcanoes a new vision was born that I call g3rm, g3rm is a reality gaming platform for defeating tyranny and injustice coming soon.  The jungle restored and affirmed for me who I am first and foremost to myself, and who I am is the possibility of miracles fulfilled now.  And what I am about is freeing minds from the Matrix!

Johnnie James II
on3vo™, Inc. 501(c)(3)

Calling all Warriors for Global Sustainability…  We are the Ones We have been Waiting for!!!

Pre Breakers, awesome Turntables, Silly Dj's, TLA

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