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D-Phunk on Preserving The Pitch

D-Phunk started listening to Electronic music in 1993 as a party kid; It took control of his mind, body and soul. There was something about electronic music, and the rave scene that was a must have him; He attended every party he could locally and abroad. Listening and dancing to it soon was not enough, As his interest in Dance music grew, so did his passion for vinyl, so he began to learn how to Dj in 1999 being heavily influenced by the likes of Pimp Daddy T, Skoobie, Marty Mcfly, DJ Icey, Sharaz, Fixx 3PO and Baby Ann amongst others. So for two years six hours a day & six days a week he practiced & D-Phunk was born.

D-Phunk on Preserving The Pitch

Throughout his DJ career D-Phunk was affiliated with Netwerk23, Fractal Project, and a few other local crews as well as holding down previous residencies @ OPM Lounge, Blu Bistro & The Ice Palace. On January 23rd 2002 he the honor of opening for Frankie Bones and DJ ESP aka Woodie Mcbride @ Evolution Nite Club in Amherst NY. He was also a resident DJ on the House of Dance online DJ Network, and is currently holding residencies on three Internet radio stations, Bpm Sounds, The Lost Art ( Preserving The Pitch) & Euphoria DJ’s spreading his love for music worldwide.


D-Phunk now mainly spins all types of Break beats (funky, Electro, Old Skool) as well as all styles of house music, however he is always looking to expand his musical horizons. Everyone looking for fun, freedom and a good time on the dance floor will appreciate his style of mixing. D-Phunk tries to make sure that everybody within earshot can connect to the journey of the night that he creates phonically. He continues to practice relentlessly to hone his skills as a DJ, as well as aggressively seeking out the freshest funkiest slabs of wax to help build the perfect set.

Every time DJ D Phunk spins, he gives it 110% saying “DJing is like sex, the more you put into it the more you get out of it”… His primary objective behind the decks is to create & share a positive vibe with everyone. From the club owners, Promoters & bouncers to the crowds who gather at the parties & events he plays. He has come a long way in his dj career playing sets alongside well known national & international DJ’s. The drive and desire to be the best DJ he can possibly be fuels his efforts to play out, bringing with it the reward of exposing his sound to those who have yet to experience electronic music.

D-Phunk is on TLA and PTP

D-Phunk’s goal is simple “put as many people as possible in an electronic state of bliss, to create a utopian Mecca for free spirits, pleasure-seekers and party people alike.” In September of 2003, In an effort to expand the awareness of electronic music in our region, as well as an effort to expose the plethora of talent in the great city of Buffalo, Phunk-Zone was born. Phunk-Zone.com was an internet radio station based in Buffalo, New York from 2003 – 2006. Comprised of a group dedicated to bringing you the finest in Underground Dance music Buffalo has to offer. It was D-Phunk’s goal with Phunk-Zone to showcase all the incredible talent hidden in this city, in hopes of gaining maximum exposure.

Why is D-Phunk so entranced by the electronic music scene? The answer is fairly simple… it’s a place where frowns become smiles, where smiles become truth…a place where plush toys revive and handshakes become hugs. There is much positivity in the scene, there always has been and always will be, hopefully. D-Phunk has always stood up for the scene because he saw things in this scene that other scenes lacked. Many ravers are familiar with the acronym, “PLUR”, which stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect.

This has set the scene apart from any other scene in our society. Although there are some who do not practice what they preach, most people try their best to keep these values and spread them around to those who don’t know what’s up. There are some people that go party not to party, but to “party” (go get E-tarded or whatnot). These are the people the media presents to the world, because the true ravers that attend the events for the music and vibe, are much more responsible with themselves and know better (or they should).We’re goin’ big time and you know it.

If we get into the mainstream, may it be with dignity and respect. Wouldn’t be nice to be respected for being a party kid? Fuk yea it would, not that we don’t get respect now, Buffalo has a new found thriving scene, and we could take it to some really impressive heights by working together, staying positive, and keepin the thugs and drugs out of our venues and our scene.

There’s something about the monotonous drone of the rhythm, it’s like a pulse, you don’t need to drink or do drugs you just want to dance and feel the music. But beyond the social scene, the dancing, the dressing up and sometimes drugs, the scene, for D-Phunk has a deeper significance, spirituality, which is exactly what makes it so relevant to our current culture. Electronic Music is founded in a philosophy; it aims to bridge a gap and to transcend all differences. Because techno doesn’t have words, it serves as a common language: no lyrics, no nationality, no belonging to one thing or another. Here there are no Muslims, no Christians, no blacks no whites, just groovers. The music brings people together through anonymity and unity.

D-Phunk does what he does because it comes from within, from the heart, the soul and the mind puts it all together; He does it for you… Keep the vibe alive.

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