Bruise Your Body Breaks features “Theme Of Electro Empire”

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Bruise Your Body Breaks and / proudly present to you another DOMINANCE ELECTRICITY SHOW! {032714} There is no stopping this mega force. Every single release is a absolute smash, especially for your speakers! This Various “Theme Of Electro Empire“ is going to take you way back. Way back into time! You better have your Parachute pants and cardboard out and ready to even attempt to listen to this incredible release! This is one for the true Breakers and Breaks / Electro fans alike. Do not miss this in your crate! BYBB and Preserving The Pitch / The- Lost-Art are truly humbled to show our support for this amazing collection of producers and Labels. Thank you again Dominance Electricity!

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Various “Theme Of Electro Empire“

Electro Empire, EE-001 (MP3) GTIN 4050486910078

The Empire strikes flashback! The new Electro Empire label kicks off with a long overdue digitally remastered re-release of this EP including the four winners of the 2003 theme song producers’ competition.

While the tracks by Gab.Gato from Italy (The Villains Inc., Dominance Electricity), Finland’s Laite (X0X Records) and Split DJ out of Spain (Microciudad Recordings, Beathazard) represent the New School Electro sound of 2003, DJ Wildthing from Denmark takes it back to the roots, delivering a traditional mastermix packed with Electro classics from the 1980s.

As a special bonus this re-release also features four previously unreleased competition entries by the Finnish duo Polytron (Kostamus Records), England’s Paul Blackford (Militant Science, Twilight 76), The Metric Brothers aka Dr. Skunkenstein from the UK & DJ D.S.K. out of China (Second To None, Electrolab Records) and once again DJ Wildthing with the second part of his Electrofunk mastermix.


01. Gab.Gato – Electro Empire 02. Split DJ – Electro Empire Soul 03. Laite – Electro Empire 04. DJ Wildthing – Lesson Electro Empire (Part 1) 05. Polytron – Electro Empire 06. Paul Blackford – Electro Empire 07. The Metric Brothers – Flight to Electro Empire 08. DJ Wildthing – Lesson Electro Empire (Part 2)

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