www.The-Lost-Art.com’s hopefuls for Breakspoll 2013.

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Breakspoll 2013 www.The-Lost-Art.comIts that time of year again and its time to nominate The-Lost-Art.com’s best for this years Breakspoll event. VOTE HERE! http://www.breakspoll.com/vote/vote.php



https://www.facebook.com/events/275125029283749/?ref=ts&fref=ts These nominations do come with high price. All of the nomination’s on this list have gone above and beyond and its TlA’s honor to highlight these people in this anticipated award ceremony with Breakspoll. https://www.facebook.com/breakspoll?fref=ts These DJ/producers are some of the most dedicated people on the planet. The amazing artists are here week after week bringing you the best in this genre we call ” Breaks “. All of these artists have put in extremely hard work not only for the station, but also their lives. We have had many successes with Breakspoll in the past and we hope to carry the tradition on with your help. Please cast a vote for some of the hardest working artists in the industry. It would mean the world to the Station and also the artists. The-Lost-Art.com was opened October of 2010 and we have been a dominating force in internet radio because of the people that care about true mixing for one and great music for another. We are looking forward to many more years with Breakspoll and you. Please vote for these hard working artists!

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http://www.The-Lost-Art.com‘s NOMINATIONS FOR 2012-13

Best in DJ -DJ Stylus- https://www.the-lost-art.com

Kidd Love-www.the-lost-art.com

Infextious Dex-www.the-lost-art.com


Best New DJ

Mallory Maliboo Mazzullo-www.the-lost-art.com

Dj F’real- https://www.the-lost-art.com

DJ TOM PETTIT- https://www.the-lost-art.com

Best Radio show-

Bacon and Bass with Ndoe -Electro Bass-www.the-lost-art.com

DJ Tripnotic and Tim Lwin’s Vinyl frontier/ Orlando Fl/ old skoolvinyl-www.the-lost-art.com

Algorhythms with Dj DC Breaks/Electro / FL-www.the-lost-art.com

TwitchMix with Twitch / Breaks / FL –https://www.the-lost-art.com

Best New Radio Show

Area 305 Hosted By The Watchmen / Florida / Breaks – https://www.the-lost-art.com

TranSmissioN 808. Breakbeats/ DJ TOM PETTIT along With DJ D-LUX & DJSI-DOG –https://www.the-lost-art.com

Best Producer-DJ JC [ Jeff Caron ] – https://www.the-lost-art.com

Evil King Nasty – https://www.the-lost-art.com

DJ Ruff – https://www.the-lost-art.com

Best new producer-

DJ Scrub- https://www.the-lost-art.com

DJ Cricket- https://www.the-lost-art.com

DJ MD- https://www.the-lost-art.com

Best in Label- https://www.the-lost-art.com

Best New Label- https://www.the-lost-art.com

Best new track-

Re-intoxicate the dance floor DJ JC – Electro Evil TemptationsEvil Temptations –

Evil King Nasty – Electro Evil Temptations –https://www.the-lost-art.com

iLL WIT IT- I.R.S.( DJ JC & Evil King nasty) the-lost-art.com ill Robotik System

Chemical Romance-DJ MD https://www.the-lost-art.com Louisiana Bass E.P.

Best album-JC and Evil King Nasty – Electro Evil Temptations –https://www.the-lost-art.com

Louisiana Bass E.P. Vol 1- https://www.the-lost-art.com

The-Lost-Art.com presents: Ill Robotik System- https://www.the-lost-art.com

Best Remix-

We Are Bionik- (Bionik Beingz) DJ JC (Rmx) – Electro Evil Temptations https://www.the-lost-art.com

DJ JC system malfuction . J-DOUBLE’S [headbustin mix] the-lost-art.com

Best website- https://www.the-lost-art.com x

Best blog- https://www.the-lost-art.com x

Best in radio station – https://www.the-lost-art.com x

Best small event – Breakers Paradise Boston usa


Best large Events: FSOB


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