Beatboxing For Beginners!!

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Beatboxing tips for beginners:

Beatboxing can seem tricky, especially when you are first learning about it. However, with a little effort and a lot of enthusiasm you will find that it starts to come naturally and that you can soon let your creative energy take over. There are three basic sounds that you will need to master if you are to become a beatboxer.

These sounds are the kick drum, hi-hat and snare drum.

Let’s start with the kick drum, which should come out as a ‘b’ sound. Start as though you are about to say the letter ‘b’.  Instead of letting the word out freely, keep your lips tightly closed so that air builds up behind them. When you release the sound, the air should shoot out so fast that it makes your lips vibrate, but only for a very short amount of time. You can practice this at home, while playing on or tidying up. The more you do it, the more natural it will begin to feel and you will get better and better at making the sound.

Next, we have the hi-hat. This is a ‘t’ sound that will sharpen up your beatboxing. First, lightly close your teeth and make a ‘ts’ sound. If you want to make a thin ‘hat’ sound, move the tip of your tongue behind the front of your teeth, and for a heavy ‘hat’ sound move your tongue to the normal ‘t’ position. There are many variations of this, for example let your breath out for a longer period of time to create a sound that is more open, or make successive rapid sounds like ‘tktktktk’ by making the ‘k’ sound with the mid-back of your tongue.

The classic snare drum sound is made by saying the letter ‘p’, while pushing the air out of tightly closed lips to make them vibrate. There are also many variations on this technique, such as making a ‘pf’ sound instead.

 You will soon learn what sounds best and everything will begin to feel natural.
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