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CeeOnic: a seasoned veteran in the art of pure electro beats presents 6 tracks of infectious synth melodies & trademark robotic voices that defined an era. “Back 2 Bassix” features thick layers of vintage & robust beats with powerful choruses that define CeeOnic as the modern genius in authentic electro funk.
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Title: Back 2 Bassix
Artist: Ceeonic
Label: Debonaire Records, Inc.
Genre: Electronic/Electro
All tracks: Clean
Release Date: 07.26.11
Catalog#: DEB-DLo23
UPC: 720221201122
Composed & Produced by: Ceeonic
C & p: It’s Debonaire music, BMI 2011
” Back 2 Bassix” Tracklist
1. The Sound In Your Ear
strong>2. Dynamic
3. Get Freaky
4. Party jam
5. Electronic music
6. Unstoppable


CeeOnic EP review by Hobo Bob of The Lost Art

CeeOnic EP review by Hobo Bob of The Lost Art

Simply put, “Massive bite for those with eyes far larger than their stomachs yet pleasantly garnished with a sweet aftertaste. This EP is gritty and abrasive to say the least! Aromatic overtones with a healthy helping of meat that is sure to stick to the ribs!” …Hobo Bob When I was asked to review this album I was handed a mixed bag of both enthusiasm and fearful anticipation. Knowing Debonaire Records as one who has tirelessly renewed that which we “old skoolers” have grown to love while interweaving the “next generation”, I found myself in a quandary. Overwhelmed with a sense of honor and a desire to be brutally honest, I found myself fearful to even push play once the EP was received. To critique CeeOnic was in essence critiquing Debonaire himself, a most taxing request and one that I almost denied myself the opportunity. I sat in a hotel awaiting a completed download when coming to the decision to be brutally honest despite the outcome. It was a horrifying decision for such an “underling” such as myself to settle into. Despite the conflict of interest in which I had found myself, the discovery made was as pleasant as the subject matter I had been handed. I have never felt pressed in feeling that I owed anything to anyone. In layman’s terms, “I throw no dog a bone!” CeeOnic is one of those rare artists that requires one’s attention. He runs well under Debonaire’s mantle and continues to bleed through generational gaps with a massive onslaught of infectious bass with a melodic temperance. Five stars and two thumbs up! This EP has the versatility to be both rolled out into the afterhours or dropped in the headliner’s slot. I look forward to what CeeOnic has up his sleeve in the near future. If he continues to grow in the direction he is growing, it shall be CeeOnic’s mantle we shall be looking under for the next big talent!   Review by: Hobo Bob of The Lost Art Available at DebonaireRecords.com or anywhere you buy digital music.
By: Debonaire Vigilante

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