On saturday, 24th of may, the next chapter of The WareHouse will take place.

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On saturday, 24th of may, the next chapter of The WareHouse will take place.
This well-known concept will be broadcasted live for the first time.
You can expect erotic beats and floating melodies (a mixture of groovy club classics & funky house).

On the wheels of steel:
* Chichou (Better sounds, La Rocca, CSD)
* Stijn (Space, Insomnia)
* Rodrigo (Crash)




It’s an event space behind a bar:




Chichou was born in Czestochowa (Poland) and he moved to Lier in 1996.
In January 2007 Chichou bought his first cd-player just for fun.
He started to play at a local dance-bar called Café Toren in Lier in July 2007.
A few local parties followed and in April 2008 Club Illusion (Closed) invited DJ Chichou to play a Guest-Set at The Level.
After few times he played at the club he became a resident.
His big debute was the party 10 Years The Level.
DJ Chichou also has been invited by La Rocca (Listed in DJ MAG TOP 100 clubs) to play a guest-set six times a year.


At the age of fifteen Stijn started playing music at local, student- and wedding-parties.
He was collecting music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s since he got pocket-money from his parents.
In 1994 he played in a famous dance-café in Antwerp and a few years later he got connected with the real dance music and house discotheques.
His first real residence was the famous afterclub Carat for about 1,5 years.
At the same time he started playing in Club Space, where he created his own style: a mix of electro-, minimal- and progressive house, for about 8 years long.
So far, Stijn was resident in clubs like Level 2 Level,Carat, Image, Reflex , Delite, The Mushroom, Club 3000, Le Dimanche, Shaft, Creamm, Club PO and played often in La Rocca , Illusion and The Pulse Factory.



DJ Rodrigo has never been the person to walk over the beaten path. He bought his first mixer when he was 12 and continued from there.
Ever since he was young he was more interested in house and trance and less into commercial sounds.
In the year 2000 he managed to score a residence at club The Crash in Kessel.
Here he played the latest trance music up until he decided to take a break from DJing.
But slowly the music virus took over his system again…
His style had matured and he is now mainly playing House & Deep House with a hint of trance classics.


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