The ORIGINAL DJ DC (Dave Calculator)

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DJ DC robot flyer The ORIGINAL DJ DC (Dave Calculator)

From June of 2009 to October of 2012 Algorhythms 88.1fm WMBR M.I.T. radio carried out it’s on air assault of the radiowaves in Boston Massachusetts. Founded by DJ DC and DJ ENDO on a mission to bring REAL underground electronic music to the commercial airwaves. November 2012 marks the move of the show, along with DJDC to West Palm Beach Florida where Algorhythms can be heard exclusively on The Lost every Saturday Night 12 midnight -2am EST on http// ,
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DC has been involved with the electronic dance music scene in Boston and the northeast since the early nineties.  He got his start with legendary Monstamind Crew notorious for a string of parties that introduced the region to the electro/breaks/b-boy culture.  Like veterans Reel Drama,  Miztahlex,  D-Rek, and Trixie before him he now carries the breakbeat torch into the next century.


In the years to follow DC Aka Dave Calculator has steadily risen through the ranks.  He was a Boston Breaks founder and resident at the famed Tension weekly at the Phoenix Landing.  Firmly entrenched in the Northeast breaks circuit he has shared the stage with names such as Reid Speed, The Rogue Element,  The Freestylers,  John B,  Tommie Sunshine,  Brazen,  Melee, Sneaker and the Dryer, Farace, JSB and  Kares to name a few.



I grew up outside of Boston in the town of Milford. It was the 70’s and some of my earliest memories revolve around the music that I was exposed to. Early on disco and classic rock. Then came new wave , synth pop , funk and most important of all… electro. Breakdancing and its music hit mainstream america when I was in elementary school. Imagine hearing Whodini “Magic’s Wand” as an 8 year old. It deffinitely had an effect on me. I realize now that it was the electronic elements in the music I was hearing became my favorites. The Who Eminence Front, The Cars Moving In Stereo, Steve Miller Threshold, and Pink Floyd Welcome To The Machine were rock tracks that featured great synth sounds. To me those sounds MADE those songs. Into the 80’s I was even more aware and involved with music. I must have been 6 years old when there was a great Music video station called V66. They played videos by The Smiths, Depeche Mode, Art of noise, Shannon, Harold Faltermeyer, Herbie Hancock, and New Order. These artists opened up a whole new world of sound to me. At that tender age I could already sing along with People are People. Through my teens I began listenning to music from the darker sound of the spectrum. Siouxsie and the Banshees, Bauhaus, Joy Division, NIN, Kraftwerk, Ministry, Coil, The Legendary Pink Dots. But it was when I found Industrial that I began to find electronic music my true calling. At the time there was a local act from Boston called D.D.T. whom I became friends with. They were unhappy with the music they were hearing and decided to make their own. I saw first hand that it was possible for me to do this for myself. It was around this time I met a Detroit native named Roman Stange. We shared the same interests in music, especially electronic. Detriot as we all know is the birthplace of techno afterall. He had a tremendous knowledge and a “DO IT WITH WHAT YOU HAVE” techno talent. I would sit in awe in his studio. All I wanted to do from that point on was make music. When I was VERY young my mother went to see a psychic. When she returned she told me she asked him/her what I was going to do when I grew up. This memory is branded into my memory solely because we had no idea what it meant at the time. The psychic told her I would “play music on some type instrument like a piano, but not a piano.” And that they couldn’t tell what the music was because it was different from anything they had heard. I finally understood when I became aware of the Roland TB303. That little silver box carries great meaning to me. Even if it may be a self fulfilled prophecy. You forget alot as you grow. How many things can you remember from when you were that young? I for some reason carried the memory through it all. Fast foreward to today. I am a producer and dj. Together with my collectionof vinyl and classic analog gear, I hope to spread a pure sound. A sound which focusses on electro breakbeats. This was the beginning of electronic music as we know it and I pledge to spread it into the future. After all electro was the sound of the future from the start. Listen to an electro track from any year and it still sounds good, because it still sounds like the future.

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