Weekly Deals For The Lost Art Family From B&H!!

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If you are wondering what it takes to be an internet dj, producer, musician, or just a dedicated listener..   B&H has all the answers.  Our friends at B&H are offering all The Lost Art listeners special deals each and every week.  Whether it’s needles, headphones, mixers, or just a stack of rewritable DVDs..  B & H is the place to go!!   Their prices are amazing and shipping is almost IMMEDIATE in most cases!!

This is where WE go..  and we at The Lost Art want YOU to have all the same benefits that we have.

The Lost Art is an ONLINE DJ station, so one thing we know better than anyone is another great online company..  Make sure you give B&H a try before heading out to the store in your town.  What could be better than getting the SAME product at a CHEAPER price and not having to leave the privacy of your home?

Make sure to keep coming back to us and checking in on the Weekly Specials that they offer..


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