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Tokyo Electro Beat Park

Tokyo Electro Beats, Tokyo Electro Beat RecordsIn 2000, AE35, Yoshihiro Hayashi and STX started an event called “Tokyo Electro Beat Park (TEBP)”, then launched a label “Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings” in 2004. They are the only event and label in Japan specialized in electro. They have been active in the front of the Japanese electro scene.

Tokyo Electro Beat, Tokyo Electro Beat RecordsTEBP invited Silicon Scally (SCSI-AV/Satamile) in 2004 and Spinks (Buffalo Frequency) in 2005, then they supported to invite The Egyptian Lover in 2006. And in the same year, they played together with The Dexorcist at “Buffalo Frequency VS Tokyo Electro Beat Park” in London.

As a producer, they released two compilation EP, “Tokyo Electro Beat Box Vol.1 & 2”. In 2007, AE35 released “Electric Sunrise E.P.” from Fdb Recordings, and Robot Jox (AE35 & Hayashi + STX) took part in a compilation album.

Then TEBP went into a long cold sleep …

… in 2012, BAXIM became a member of TEBP; he has pulled the Japanese electro scene by himself while TEBP was in a cold sleep. Now, TEBP wakes up and they are back.

2000年、AE35, Yoshihiro Hayashi, STX は日本で唯一の Electro パーティー “Tokyo Electro Beat Park” を開始。2004年には日本唯一の Electro 専門レーベル “Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings” を立ち上げ、日本における Electro の発信源として活動をしてきた。

イベントとして2004年に Silicon Scally を、2005年に Spinks を日本に招聘した後、2006年には Egyptian Lover 来日をサポート。また同年の London における Buffalo Frequency VS Tokyo Electro Beat Park では、Dexorcist との共演も果たした。

それぞれがトラックメイカーとして、自身のレーベルから “Tokyo Electro Beat Box / V.A.” シリーズを2枚リリース。2007年に AE35 が Fdb Recordings から “Electric Sunrise EP” をリリースし、AE35 & Hayashi + STX のユニット Robot Jox としてもコンピレーションに参加。

その後 Tokyo Electro Beat Park としては、長いコールドスリープに入る。

そして2012年、コールドスリープ中に日本の Electro を牽引していた BAXIM が加入。新たな風が吹きこまれた TEBP は、Japanese Electro の最前線として再び目を覚ました。

Tokyo Electro Beat Box Vol​.​1 (TEBR​-​001)


Tokyo Electro Beat Box Vol​.​2 (TEBR​-​002)


Tokyo Electro Beat Box Vol​.​3 (TEBR​​-​​003)

Tokyo Electro Beat Park (TEBP) which is the electro party crew in Japan has woken up from 7 years’ cold sleep recently. And now, Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings which is their electro label has been revived as well. They bring new compilation EP of the present membership. Each 4 tracks clearly reveal the features characteristic of each members. AE35 and BAXIM made floor-use tracks like their DJ style. Space Thunder X’ track is deep and freaky and Yoshihiro Hayashi made a downbeat. 


Another ELECTRO BOMB from Tokyo Electro Beat Park (TEBP)
Finest beats and sick basslines from those who know what is REAL ELECTRO! 
Make sure you get your copy, this EP is MUST HAVE! 
BASSFREAKS, What you waiting for? 

N-ter, Crobot Muzik 


This release from TEBR punches hard from the word go. Four tracks showing that these guys know how to cover the diversity in the Electrobass genre. Track 1 heads straight for the dancefloor and builds quickly to a sweaty peak of raw energy. Track 2 weighs in at 8 minutes and uses each one of those minutes to draw you in to a journey of epic twisted melody, subtle acidic sounds and vocal stabs, all layered over a sweet bassline. Track 3 starts with infamous evil laughter, warning the listener that it means business, then takes us on a tour of classic beats and scratches mashed up with precision. Finally, track 4 lowers the BPM to deliver a glitchy and hefty mind trip of distorted beats. Plenty of variety in just four tracks. One thing is consistent though – the quality. Check it out. 

Bass Agenda 


After 7 years of an untenable black out, Japan premium electro label Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings has resurrected to deliver the long awaited third volume of their “Tokyo Electro Beat Box” compilation series! As usual, you’ll find here the finest beats and basslines straight from the land of the rising sun. Contrary to the previous releases, this new one only comes in digital format, featuring some of the Collective best representatives. In overture of the pack, label owner, Electro Bass DJ & producer Yosuke Ikeda aka AE35 (Fdb Recordings, Crobot Muzik) signs a mechanic “Beep Loud”, a banging yet never aggressive cut demonstrating an immoderate taste for dancefloor electrobotic beats and justifying why his massive new school style is highly regarded both at home and abroad. Groovy as hell! Coming next is “Colder” from TEBR regular signature Space Thunder X, a melodic piece of electro combining deep layers, hypnotic pads and feverish bassline. Brilliant. Japan new electro hero Ichiro Ijuin aka Baxim (MHB) serves up with “Laughing Man” a heavy Miami Electro Bass killer tune where frantic scratches sequences have been merged to hot samples taken from Cybotron’s “Clear” or Dynamix II classic “Feel The Bass” just to name a few. Ace! Finally, another famous TEBR member, Yoshihiro Hayashi, returns with violent “The Arousal Phase”, developing some noir downtempo and industrial distortions over a powerful kick. This must have outing is a true surprise as we weren’t expecting it from the TEBR camp. Warning: REAL ELECTRO inside, not for the fainted hearts! 




released 04 March 2013 
cat. no: TEBR-003 
produced by Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings
mastering by Yukimune Kanasugi
jacket design by Yoshihiro Hayashi


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AE35 Profile


AE35. Tokyo Electro Beat parkYosuke Ikeda aka AE35 is an Electro Bass DJ / Producer in Tokyo, Japan.
In 2000 he started an event with his partners called “Tokyo Electro Beat Park” which is the only electro bass event in Japan. Then he launched an electro label “Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings” in 2004, and released two compilation EP, “Tokyo Electro Beat Box Vol.1 & 2”. In 2007, he released “Electric Sunrise E.P.” from Fdb Recordings.
His massive-electro style is regarded highly both at home and abroad. He is making electro-machine-beats from the land of rising sun to the world.


Yosuke Ikeda (aka AE35) 東京で活動する Electro Bass DJ / トラックメイカー。
Yoshihiro HayashiやSTX らと共に、2000年に日本で唯一の Electro Bass パーティー “Tokyo Electro Beat Park” を開始。そして 2004 年には Electro Bass 専門レーベル “Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings” を立ち上げ、”Tokyo Electro Beat Box / V.A.” シリーズを2枚リリース。更に 2007 年にはフランス Fdb Recordings から “Electric Sunrise EP” をリリースする。
ハードエレクトロを中心にしたアグレッシブなDJスタイルとマッシブなエレクトロサウンドは、東京、大阪、大分など国内でのプレイや、ロンドンにて行なわれたレーベルパーティーなどでも高く評価され、日本の Electro Bass を世界に発信している。


Yoshihiro Hayashi, Tokyo Electro Beats, tokyo Electro Beat Records

Space Thunder X

Space Thunder X, Tokyo Electro Beats, Tokyo Electro Beats Records


BAXIM, Tokyo Electro Beats Records, Tokyo Electro Beats
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