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10805569_855416707831955_7222352506971603503_nMrPanda – Hardcore/DnB (Dallas, TX)
// Strangeluv Productions// NightKandi Events// Badwolf Entertainment// TLA //

Slowly waking over the past 10 years MrPanda has come into his own, methodically crushing dancefloors across the US & in Canada. While playing smaller shows across the country over the past 7 years, it’s only recently that MrPanda has really picked up some major momentum. His first bit of recognition was being asked to headline Detroit’s biggest annual hardcore party, Deadworld, thrown by Hardcore 313 in 2012. Sharing a lineup with Masstodon Sound Crew (DjVirus, & Mc Gobstoper) Dj Saiyan, & Gobs the Zombie with a surprise appearance by MC Pez.

He made an impression in a big way, immediately being noticed by Strangeluv Productions & added to their roster. Ever since then, he’s been regularly playing in Detroit & was added to the Bad Wolf Roster in Rochester, NY.

In 2015 he did two tours throughout the northern US playing in Detroit, Buffalo, & Rochester. In Canada, he played Toronto three times & Montreal once, where he was added to the NightKandi roster.

In February, he was recognized by Dj Luna-C, asked to do a guest spot on the Kniteforce podcast, & had an honorable mention in the recent Kniteforce Dj Competition.

In mid 2015 he also garnered residency with The Lost Art / Preserving the Pitch, earned label backing from Venom Drive (look for a bonus mix on upcoming releases), and most recently Hardcore Underground in November, featuring Fracus & Darwins latest album “Diversions” on episode 110 of the Electric Retox podcast, & a hit followup DnB / Liquid mix for episode 111, topping the dnb charts for mixcloud.

MrPanda brings an intense vibe & eclectic track selection. Known for throwing down 20-30 tracks an hour on 3 decks, he’s garnered a reputation for lightning fast multi genre mixing of hardcore, dnb, & electro hardcore with high energy beats and bone crunching technical delivery. MrPanda has a knack for being “in tune” with those on the dance floor, consistently pushing them to their limits. With no two sets ever being the same, he is not a Dj to miss.

the mixing and the track selection is definitely top notch for the style. Great job, keep up the great work 🙂 -Jen Mas

You mix like a f**cking octopus mate -Entity .

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