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14046099_341881259533471_3431159180945059685_nIt was summer 1999 when Jazzmin T first set her eyes and ears on turntables as a new hobby. She arrived at a friend’s house to find her boys taking turns scratching on a single turntable. This evolved into one of them purchasing a pair of turntables and a mixer. This was the beginning.
Jazzmin and her friends would practice constantly. Like most baby DJ’s at the time, they all played trance. It wasn’t until a frosty day in December 1999 when a friend handed Jazzmin a record and said “this is jungle” and asked her to try it. Hearing the familiar beats of albums she loved so dearly, “The Prodigy – Experience” and “DJ DB’s History of our World”, Jazzmin was hooked. Digging for new vinyl and practicing with her friends became Jazzmin’s obsession. She would spend hours at Bart’s in Boulder, CO and Twist & Shout in Denver, CO digging for new sounds to add to her collection.
In May 2000, Jazzmin’s friends took her to her first rave at the Root in Boulder, CO for her birthday. DJ DRC was the headliner. When DRC plugged her headphones in and the dance floor exploded, Jazzmin was blown away by DRC’s technique as she used the effects on a Pioneer DJM600. Jazzmin had never seen such a detailed mixer before and watched DRC push buttons, adjust faders and turn knobs as Jazzmin grasped the front of the DJ booth in awe of what was going on in front of her. The following week, Jazzmin bought a pair of belt drive Gemini turntables and a basic Numark mixer. Jazzmin continued to practice. The difficulty of mixing on belt drive turntables only forced her to work harder to perfect her technique. Within the following year, Jazzmin finally got her hands on a pair of Technic turntables of her very own.
It was fall 2001 when Jazzmin was booked for her first gig. She was given a 3am slot at the Jamz Skateboard Warehouse in Greeley, CO. Playing in front of a crowd, watching them dance and hearing them cheer when she dropped each track she pulled from a white plastic milk crate was a rush. She wanted more! As time progressed, the vinyl collection grew and the gigs kept coming. In 2002, Jazzmin was digging for vinyl at The Finest in Greeley, CO when she heard the sounds “Tipper Presents Sound Off.” This was the beginning of Jazzmin’s obsession with nu-skool breaks and glitch. The first demo she recorded and passed out for promo was called “Lotus” and was released on November 23, 2002. “Lotus” was a CD featuring two mini mixes, nu-skool breaks and liquid drum n’ bass.
In 2003, the gigs became more frequent. Jazzmin was given her first residency with II Damn Funky Productions at Club 314 in Denver. Before she knew it, another year had gone by and she was offered her own weekly on Thursdays at Kazmos Lounge in Denver. Toxic Thursdays officially started on February 3, 2005. Jazzmin didn’t know it at the time, but Kazmos became the gateway to new connections in the DJ community as well as the foundation for many long lasting friendships. As winter turned to spring, the long commute from northern Colorado down to Denver multiple times per week for gigs started to become a burden. Jazzmin moved to the big city in July 2005 and began a new life. With many new personal and DJ opportunities presented to her, Jazzmin thrived in the big city lights!
After years of raves, clubs, residencies, crews rising and falling, Jazzmin was burned out. For more reasons than can be listed right now, she hung up her headphones in 2009. She dusted off her vinyl and plugged in her headphones only a handful of times over the next few years. A few Kazmos reunions and a birthday party were the only things that pulled her from her hiatus. In 2013, after some life altering circumstances, Jazzmin was coaxed into jumping back into the world of DJ’ing by a close friend when he asked her to play on his internet radio show on This evolved into gigs at clubs in downtown Denver which evolved into a few residencies and Jazzmin’s very own show on which currently takes place every Saturday at noon mountain time.
Currently, Jazzmin loves the opportunity to get out and play! She gets out in public a few times a month fired up and ready to rock!

Check out her Facebook page, Please contact her here with questions and booking requests.

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