DJ Ndoe’s Top Fives

Ndoe has been collecting records and DJing since 1990. He is a member of Bass Records, and has a Breakspoll-nominated show, “Bacon & Bass”, on The Lost Art every Thursday from 3-5 P.M. (CST). Here he discusses his “Top Fives”: those DJs, producers, and songs that have influenced his career and continue to impress him today.



DJs that Influenced your Career:

1. DJ Kurious

2. Magic Mike

3. Afrika Bambaataa

4. DJ Q’bert

5. DJ Jazzy Jeff

Tracks of All Time:

“Wow, this is a tough question. There are so many. Off the top of my head, here we go…

1. Security- Beat Club

2. Fix it in the Mix- Pretty Tony

3. Magic Mike Cuts the Records- Magic Mike

4. To a Nation Rockin’- Metro

5. Nine- R.A.C.”

Venues you’ve Played:

1. Firestone- Orlando, FL

2. The Necto- Ann Arbor, MI

3. Fat Black @ Ampersand- New Orleans, LA

4. Evolution- Jacksonville, FL

5. Dragon’s Den- New Orleans, LA

Best DJs Live:

1. DJ Q’Bert

2. Magic Mike

3. Stanton Warriors

4. DJ Icey

5. Davie D

Producers of 2012:

1. DJ Richie Rich

2. Floorkilla

3. Ill Robotik System

4. 25 Keys

5. Kidd Love

Songs of 2012:

1. “Overload”- Freak Force Crew

2. “Twist and Turn”- Floorkilla

3. “Electro Disco Freaks”- Kidd Love

4. “Bodywork Remix”- DJ Richie Rich

5. “With You Tonight”- Janine

Up and Coming DJs:

1. Kidd Love

2. DJ F’Real

3. DJ Bryce A.

4. Nu Orleanz Phatz

5. DJ Maliboo

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