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Since 2002 Righteous James has been honing his skills behind the tables and now he is no amateur.

In 2006 Righteous James started touring the club circuit and has played nation wide from his small but 

home town residency in Houma Lousiana at The BrickHouse all the way across the country to Pasadena  

California playing at Club Menage alongside then resident DJ Lisa Silver and Performing at The Hive Art 

Gallery in Los Angeles. In  New Orleans he has performed in DJ Battles at Ampersand, Opened for Terry

Mullan at The Dragons Den, played alongside Escapades long time resident Dirty Boy Mike(RIP) and has 

 been mentored by some of louisiana’s long lasting forerunners such as DJ Dr. Souss (Cat in the Hat

Productions), DJ Demonixx aka Hexx (Hexx Music), and Houserocka(Royal One Records).

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Between 2007-2008 and again in 2009-2010 Righteous James made 

his way into radio and hosted a live broadcast on Gremlin Radio.

In 2012 he returned to the world of radio and now currently hosts a

live video broadcast on where he performs with

some of the best up and coming talent 

from around the globe.

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Now branching from his strict House roots and embracing the times

as multiple genres develop faster and faster Righteous James

can be heard playing everything from Dutch House, Electro House and

Progressive House to Dubstep, Trap House, Moombaton and Glitch Hop.

Expect a set from Righteous James to be filled with high energy,

passion and inspiration as he dances you on a journey and tells his story

through mixing and sound.


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